All times listed as EDT (New York).

TimeDescriptionSpeaker Name(s)
10:10-10:30COVID 3D TRUST: a public-private collaboration to support manufacture of open source PPE and medical devices during the COVID-19 public health emergency
Slides | Video
Meghan McCarthy
10:30-10:45reGOSH: appropriating technology in Latin America with open science hardware
Slides | Video
Julieta Arancio
11:00-11:15Open Hardware Makers mentorship program: making open hardware the default everywhere, one project at a time!
Slides | Video
André Maia Chagas
11:15-11:30Mobilizing People to Act on Air Pollution with the Bucket Air Monitor – a Community Science Tool
Rico Euripidou, Katie Gradowski
11:35-11:50Hardware innovation, an opensource way in Nigeria
Oluwatobi Oyinlola
11:50-12:05Open Hardware Needs Open Standards
Slides | Video
Chris Chronopoulos
12:05-12:20Interface Design in Open Source Hardware and Software
Slides | Video
Scott Shawcroft
12:20-12:35Twirling Tech Goddess Q&A
LeeLee James
12:35-13:35Lunch (Expo booths open at 12:35)
13:35-13:55How Open Hardware Supported the COVID19 Response and Lessons for Public Policy
Alison Parker, Alex Long
13:55-14:10Transitioning an Open Hardware Project to Distributed Medical Device Production
Slides | Video
Julian Stirling
Slides | Slides (PDF) | Video
Fred Benenson
14:25-14:40What’s the Buzz About?: The Rise of Open, Personal Sex Tech
Slides | Video
Laura Lytle, Alice Stewart
14:45-15:00Robot unicorns, moon cello gloves and open technology
Slides | Video
Helen Leigh
15:00-15:50Open hardware chip design panel
Slides | Slides (PDF) | Video
Drew Fustini (moderator), Jason Kridner, Megan Wachs, Mohamed Kassem, bunnie
15:50-16:35Second Lunch
16:35-16:55A Hyena Ate My Project! – Open Source Hardware in Wildlife Conservation Technology
Slides | Video
Akiba, Jacinta Plucinski
16:55-17:10OpenAir Cyan: Accelerating Carbon Dioxide Removal through Open Hardware
Slides | Video
Dahl Winters
17:10-17:25Conservation AI: The World’s Most Advanced Wildlife Tracker Is Now 100% Open Source
Slides | Video
Adam Benzion
17:25-17:30Closing Remarks